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History of Women in Jazz: From Early 1900’s to Beyonce

Powerpoint Presentation – all ages

An in-depth overview of key figure-heads of women in jazz, dating back to the early 1900’s through the present. Element of how they shaped, olded and define what we call jazz today in every musical configuration: vocal, big bands, small groups etc. Also, depicting the affect that the socio-economic and political times had on the placement and roles of women in jazz.

Angelic Warriors’ “Journey to Success”

Lecture/ Powerpoint presentation – all ages

This is an exploration of one’s journey toward purpose and reaching the ‘big picture’ for one-self. In addition, the importance of exercising the three main principals of: vision, perseverance and optimism to assure a successful journey of life.

Mind, Body and Spirit of Jazz Improvisation

Lecture – high school and college

A discussion of how nurturing the balance of intellectual/ analytical, physical and metaphysical self is an important part of jazz improvisation. Also, exploring different practice methods, that will aid in a more successful approach to one’s individual practice regimen and overall experience.

Variations on a Lullaby (Pre K –Elementary)

An interactive lecture, using Children’s Lullabies to demonstrate the foundation and building blocks of music. In discussing time signatures, theory, jazz improvisation and syncopation, children are able to participate and experience key elements of musicianship.

From Beyonce and Beyond: Music Business, Performance and Leadership

In-depth discussion of Fuller’s first hand experience being a side-woman with Beyonce as well as with other band leaders; how this experience has influenced her success in the jazz world as a band leader, performer, businesswoman and educator.

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